Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Anywhere Anytime Learning! -Writing

I like all subjects in school, but writing is my favorite. I have a talent in writing and love to do it anywhere. I get an inspiration in writing sometimes from soft music in the background. I try to imagine the softness, or the smoothness, and even the activeness of the melody. I get other inspirations from other writers, professional, or schoolfriends. I like working with onomatopoeia , sentence fluency, word choice, similes, metaphors, parallelism, alliterations, details, and more! I can present my ideas in an organized way to make it easy to comprehend and make it evident that I have tried hard. I like to make a picture to go with the writing to express it in a graphical way. I love writing because it is my friend!

Anywhere Anytime Writing!

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