Monday, 30 November 2009

Anywhere Anytime Learning!- Math 2

Tell why you think it is important to be able to divide numbers. For what kind of problems do you need to use division?

We not just need to use it in school, but in real life.
  • If children come to a party and you need to make goodie bags for them, then a good idea is to use division to figure out how much candy or toys to put in each bag.
  • If you wanted to buy a fraction of a pizza or a pie, you can use division to convert it into fractions and figure out how much you need to buy.
  • If you wanted to eat a fraction of something, you can figure out the exact fraction or decimal using division.
Tell what part of this unit was the most difficult for you and why. Describe what you did to overcome any difficulties you had.

There were a few parts that were difficult:
  • When I had to move over suddenly to more difficult numbers, I found it hard to concentrate on what I was doing during math.
  • When the divisors went up, it was okay, but when the dividends did, it took much longer to solve the problem and that's when I started to lose concentration.
I think these were difficult for me because when suddenly things turn upward in math, I lose concentration. I overcame these difficulties by trying to gain concentration again.

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